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Instagram art in the world is just as diverse, eclectic and creative as outside cyberspace. Artists and designers post their creations on a platform to share their passions, make a statement or to motivate change in the world. Keep scrolling to get to know some of the top influencers artist on Instagram.

Martin Parr (martinparrstudio)
Martin Parr is a British photographer documenting the everyday lives of people throughout the world – but with a twist. Parr puts a unique perspective into his work, with the main focus on the topic of recreation, communication and consumption. The result is often funny and always thinking. Parr is an award-winning artist who shared in Instagram photography and its website.

martinparrstudio instagram

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Rebecca Simms (wyliewestcreative)
Simms has a rustic style of photography and design. Her subjects range from food to wedding to tea parties and other events. He is a graphic designer stationery, logos and the like as well as still photographer. Her media including watercolor and acrylic, and he also specializes in many art murals.

wyliewestcreative instagram

Ai Weiwei (aiww)
Ai Weiwei is a Chinese political activists who express disdain for totalitarianism and injustice in general through art. His Instagram message chronicle his journey around the world. He uploaded them without a degree, but they draw a lot of comments from thousands of followers. Outside of photography, Ai media including film, sculpture, architecture and performance. He and his followers are very active on Twitter as well.

aiww instagram

Olek (oleknyc)
Olek paint colorful world through the art of crochet. He created the interesting sculptures, including an elaborate face masks, tapestries and costumes throughout the body. Olek including quotes thought of as a description for each upload his Instagram. along with a unique design that attracts a lot of involvement from fans.

oleknyc instagram

Shepard Fairey (obeygiant)
2019, Shepard Fairey mural completed 100 large scale worldwide. He was known for a portrait in red, white and blue of presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008. Nine years later, he created a series of posters on the three red, white and blue women’s diverse cultures in response to the xenophobic rhetoric of the president-elect Donald Trump.

Fairey is a graphic artist who used the media to express their views on social issues. He was part of the movement of street art, which is art created in public locations untraditional. Fairey active on both Twitter and Instagram for the audience of more than one million followers.

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obeygiant instagram

Lauren Hom (homsweethom)
Lauren Hom is advertising professional lettering artist turned out – because that’s what he likes to do. And he was good at, creating art for clients such as Prudential, Google and Hallmark. Hom remained active in her blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Behance. She hosts online courses, webinars and speeches as well, and he’s an award-winning artist.

homsweethom instagram

Cindy Sherman (cindysherman)
Sherman classic work involves using portraits photographed himself in, only he was dressed as a different character or distorted. Her art work is a reflection of his love to dress up in costumes. However, often see it as a comment on gender, identity, role or traditional stereotypes. His work has been featured in many art museums, including the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. her thousands of followers also oversee a new creative image via Instagram.

cindysherman instagram

Olafur Eliasson (studioolafureliasson)
Olafur Eliasson Instagram account is a reflection of the spirit to be responsible for the earth. Currently, he is meant to give people worldwide access to clean energy. Mission series Little Sun is to inspire people to take action on climate change and give everyone an affordable clean energy solutions.

Purchase the product he designed to give a solar-powered lights for those who need it. He also created a series of glacier melt. Through his photography, sculpture, painting, film and installation, Eliasson seeks to use art to transform thought into doing in the world.

studioolafureliasson instagram

Abby Diamond (finchfight)
Nature is the inspiration for her Diamond Abby detailed illustration using watercolor, pencil and ink. He displays the creations and photos of animals, hikes and flora inspirations on Instagram account, Behance and his Tumblr. He also sells his original art in her Etsy shop and connect with the audience on Twitter.

Diamonds are from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Brands he works with include mega Puzzle, Carnegie Science Center and Discover Magazine.

finchfight instagram

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